Daddy Cool - Final DAD Event in Vienna

Almost one month before the DAD projects ends, the Final Event took place in Vienna on the 24th of January 09 and was moderated by one of Austrians famous broadcast moderator and dual father Dorian Steidl. The event "Daddy Cool" was a special event for fathers-to-be (mothers to be were also welcome to join this happening!). read more ...

DAD International Mid-term Event in Vienna -

Say Hello to DAD! - How fathers-to-be discover parenting

We invite you to participate in the International Mid-term Event in Vienna on the 5th of June 2008.

The event is scheduled right after the first successful evaluation phase of DAD within the EU-Project, which is proven by the users' feedback. DAD is experienced as “unique, very useful, of high informational value, easy and joyful to use and of high socio-political impact”.

As DAD touches many different fields, such as parenting, the father’s role in society, parental leave in Europe, baby’s health and baby’s safety we aimed for inviting international experts from these different areas to present their views and perspectives on DAD. More details can be found in the Agenda.

For free registration send us an e-mail to

DAD Mid-term Review

On 24th of April the major achievements of the first DAD project phase were presented to eTEN and to an external project evaluator in Brussels. The review has confirmed and supported the chosen strategies in our project and the deliverables were asessed very positively. After this good and important feedback from the European Commission we are well prepared and motivated to head off for the second project half!

User comments on DAD!

The local DAD versions were evaluated among users in the participating countries. Here, a feedback selection:

“The best thing is that it is easy to handle.“ (Polish mother-to-be)

“I am satisfied. I was fairly suprised. (my wife says “finally something for chaps” :-))“ (Czech father of a child)

“It is well structured, the visual part is useful for understanding the explanations.“ (Romanian father-to-be)

“It is good that a person can look into the guide when is not sure.“ (Czech father-to-be)

“easy in reception, written in easy language“ (Polish mother of a child)

“I think that thanks to your guide the fathers and fathers-to-be will feel themselves more useful in baby care and their help in baby care will be perceived as common thing and not like an exception.“ (Czech father of a child)

“It is funny, easy to use.“ (Romanian father of a child)

“clear and transparent structure, a lot of important information, problems explained in an easy but detailed way“ (Polish mother-to-be)

DAD at the Online Educa in Berlin!

DAD made new friends at the Online Educa in Berlin. This event is one of the most e-learning happenings in Europe. Go to
Webducation to view our DAD stand.

Localised DAD versions ready!

The Austrian DAD: has become brothers, namely the Czech-, the Dutch-, the Polish-, the Romanian- and the UK-DAD.

Austrian Federal Ministry
of Social Affairs

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