DAD Partner Network

DAD is the only e-service in Europe, dealing with basic baby care and –health issues, customized to men’s needs exclusively. The contents of the guide are of high didactical value and assisted by experts from the medical, pedagogical and gender equality fields.

With the financial contribution of the EC’s eTEN Programme, the scope of the DAD – guide is broadened at European level in terms of researching local markets and developing a viable business plan.

Free service for all European fathers-to-be

As our mission is to make the service in the long term available to every father-to-be, we are always looking for partners, who deal with baby's health, safety, education or who are involved in the production of baby care products or pharmaceutical products.

Become a DAD Partner!

If you are interesting in supporting DAD or want to know more about partner packages, contact the EU-Project Co-ordinator Webducation or the local DAD partners in The Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Romania and Poland.

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