The eTEN Project

The success of the Austrian DAD - more than 150.000 users since the service introduction in 2004 - coined the idea of bringing DAD to other European markets. The Market Validation Project which is supported by the EC's eTEN Progamme, started in June 2007 and aims at evaluating DAD's deployment capacities in our partner countries Austria, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Poland & Romania. A comprehensive evaluation of the service in each market will take place over the projects duration of 18 months. In this regard, the acceptance of the service by users is validated as well as an evaluation of the sponsors’ side.

After the successful implementation of the service in the participating countries, the long-term goal of the DAD Project is to present a Deployment Plan and Business Strategy which pave the way for a European-wide deloyment of the service.

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Austrian Federal Ministry
of Social Affairs

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