The DAD Service

DAD Offline - To take home

The DAD Guide is a free and anonymous service and available to all interested users in Austria, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Poland and Romania. It is provided in form of a CD-ROM, which is distributed via a network of gynaecologists, paediatricians, healthcare centres, midwifes and pharmacies.

DAD Online - To exchange experiences

Secondly, each of the named countries has set up a local DAD platform on which the guide can be accessed online. The technology behind DAD is Adobe Flash, which can be viewed with most common browsers. This webpage is embedded in an online platform, on which the users can exchange their experiences on baby care and associated topics in an open forum. In each country medical experts can be contacted online and anonymous through e-mail or directly reached in the course of Online Consultation hours.

DAD for Everyone

By providing the guide for free, socially or geographically disadvantaged people are not excluded from the service. The two distribution channels, through Internet and via medical networks shall ensure the optimal service coverage.

If you are interested in the local DAD versions, visit one of the following sites:

Austrian Original Czech DAD
Dutch DAD Polish DAD
Romanian DAD English DAD (guide only)
Austrian Federal Ministry
of Social Affairs

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